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How to Utilize Remote Desktop Control Features in Windows

August 25th, 2021

Utilizing the Microsoft inbuilt remote desktop feature in windows can be a great experience. You can sit in a place and simply connect to the other computers at different locations. This feature provides full access over the remote computer. It seems like you are running and handling the remote computer in your hand. At the time, when you are accessing remote computer it is automatically logged off showing that it is in use by another computer as remote desktop control.

Once if you are connected with remote desktop connection to another computer, you get mouse and keyboard access of that computer. In this way you can access your home computer from your office without losing any application or important data files. You can easily set up connection between the computers by fulfilling the requirement to establish a connection or by following the steps given below.

Setting up remote desktop connection between two computers

The foremost requirement of remote desktop connection is that both the computers must be connected to a LAN network. It may be wired or wireless. In the latest versions of windows operating system like Windows Vista or Windows 7, you can connect both computers with a direct LAN cable or with direct wireless LAN and still you can establish connection between them.

The computers you are going to connect must be using one of the below mentioned versions of windows operating systems in order to establish the connection.

1. Windows 7. (ultimate or professional)

2. Windows vista. (ultimate or enterprise)

3. Windows XP professional.

Now, in order to establish the connection you must have administrator privilege over the computer you are going to connect. Hence, you can establish a connection only by taking permission from the user of the computer. You will not need any additional software because the utility is already installed in the above versions of windows.

Enabling remote desktop feature on your system

In order to establish connection you have to enable and give permission to others, so that they can use and control your computer. Follow the steps given below to facilitate and give permission to the users, in order to connect and use your computer as remote desktop.

1. Press window key.

2. Right click on computer.

3. Click on properties.

4. Click on remote settings.

5. Now, check the button to allow connection from the computers running any version.

6. Click on apply to change the settings.

Opening a connection

Follow the instructions to unlock remote desktop connection program.

Start menu >> all programs >> accessories >> remote desktop connection

Alternatively, you can click on windows button and type remote and press enter to open the same program on Windows 7 and Windows vista.

In order to establish the connection all you need is to type the IP address of the remote computer in the textbox next to the ‘Computer’. Now, give the username and password of the computer when prompted. Now, you have full control over the remote computer.